“Philotimo” Spreads Through Non-Hellenic America Following Washington Oxi Day Foundation’s “Greek Secret” Video


Washington, DC, September 7, 2018

Washington, DC, September 7, 2018 – The Washington Oxi Day Foundation was pleased to learn that “Philotimo” was chosen as the theme for the school year at UMS-Wright Preparatory School in Mobile, Alabama. Following the 2014 release of the Foundation’s video “The Greek Secret” on the subject of philotimo, which has been viewed over one million times, numerous entities in the US and around the world have highlighted this unique concept.

At the opening school assembly on the first day of school for this 124 year old institution, Head of School Doug Barber informed his students that the theme for the 2018-2019 school year would be Philotimo. He told his students:

“Philotimo is a Greek word meaning “love of honor.” Essentially, it is an all-encompassing concept that gives meaning to life that stretches well beyond ourselves. Philotimo is the idea of being honorable because it is the right thing to do! It encapsulates all of the nuances of our mission as we strive to enable students to reach their highest potential!

One thing that sets UMS-Wright apart is our student-elected and student-governed Honor Council. Our Honor Code is a code of ethics that governs the students in all matters pertaining to honesty and integrity. It is an expression of the desire from the students, faculty, administration and trustees to provide an atmosphere in which qualities of mutual trust, respect, and integrity prevail.”

Pictured here, the UMS-Wright Preparatory School Honor Council.

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