Former Senate Majority Leader Bob Dole to Accept Oxi Day Greatest Generation Award


World War II veteran and former Senate Majority Leader Bob Dole has been selected to receive the Oxi Day Greatest Generation Award  honoring an American veteran who served courageously during World War II.

Dole will accept this award on Thursday, October 27th at the National World War II Memorial at a ceremony honoring American and Greek veterans as part of the First Annual Washington Oxi Day Celebration. Leaders in the Greek American community, American policymakers, officials from other nations and WWII Veterans will be present at the event. A Greek WWII veteran will also be receiving the Oxi Day Greatest Generation Award at this event.

During the Second World War, Dole was a platoon leader in the legendary Tenth Mountain Division in Italy and was thrice decorated for his heroic service, receiving two Purple Hearts and a Bronze Star. Dole remains active in veterans’ causes and chaired the campaign to fund the World War II Memorial.

Dole will be accepting the award on behalf of American and Greek American WWII veterans and in respect for the extraordinary courage of the Greek people who inflicted a fatal wound that was instrumental to the defeat of the Axis forces in WWII.

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