Reactions to the 2016 Oxi Day Foundation Gala

Highlights from 2016 Oxi Day Gala

Some of the written communications we received in the days after


➢ “Tonight was transformational. I have never connected to or felt as changed as I did at your event. I have been to many and last night was by far the most extraordinary.”

➢ “My daughter asked me that night, `do you think we are doing enough with our lives?’ Thank you.”


➢ “A searing, yet magical, evening of bravery, purpose, love. Forever in my heart and mind.

➢ “There was a collective experiencing of pain and beauty…that commemorated the past and gave hope to the future. You created an environment that will never be forgotten.

➢ “It not only allowed me to better understand the historical importance of Oxi Day, it was an experience that I will bear in my memory forever.

➢ “You created an unforgettable night of historical recognition and bringing forward the voices of the innocent and oppressed.”

➢ “It was an incredible night and certainly one that I will never forget!


➢ “It was one of the most powerful and moving events that I have ever attended!

➢ “The word that keeps coming to mind while thinking of last night is “powerful.” What makes it so powerful is how tangible all of it was. It wasn’t like we were hearing these stories from someone around the world that sent in a video. They were right there talking to us. It really was amazing.”

➢ “Speechless. That’s all I can say. Never been to such a wonderful event.


➢ “One of the most inspiring and amazing evenings. Words cannot capture what took place. An evening unlike any other.”

➢ “Last evening was filled with hope, joy and emotion that encourages and inspires us all to be better stewards of our fellow human beings.

➢ “Simply amazing.

A Gift

➢ “It was exquisitely done and incredibly poignant. You’re offering an amazing gift that more people should receive.

➢ “Everyone needs to know about OXI Day. It was a memorable and fantastic evening. You have much to be proud of. Your work to insure that this is preserved and carried on is really a gift.


➢ “Without exaggeration, it was the most moving program that I have attended in Washington, period. The combination of the videos, the compelling speakers and the warm, strong feeling in the room was amazing. I felt privileged to have been there.”

➢ “One of the most moving and beautiful events I have had the pleasure of attending over many years of celebrations in Washington DC. I felt honored to be part of such a special gathering.”

➢ “Outstanding and very emotional night! It was so powerful that the Canadian Defense Attaché, astonished, thanked me while his wife applauded in tears!

➢ “I truly cannot remember an event where such a range of emotions was experienced by so many.”

➢ “I don’t think there was a person in the room that left with a dry eye after last night’s extraordinary and humbling experience. Bravo for making us all shine so bright.”


➢ “OXIcourage. It’s my new personal motto. This night was all heart and courage. It gave me courage. Fuel for the soul.”


➢ “Philotimo – such a powerful idea. I grew up with many Greek friends. Never really thought about it, until last night. Thanks again for the opportunity to listen and learn with your community.”

➢ “We are Philotimo.

➢ “The spirit of Philotimo and the extraordinary Manatos family made it an evening I’ll never forget.”

Heroic Resistance

➢ “I was particularly touched and impressed by the focus put on the Holocaust and the heroic resistance of the the people of Greece in defending their freedom and their nation as well as their Jewish neighbors and friends.”

➢ “Congratulations to you for your dedication and commitment to reminding us about the importance of the word `No’ in our Hellenic history but also how important that word is today in society.”