Reactions to Third Annual Oxi Day Celebration

Top US Policymakers and Opinion Leaders

  • “Its impressive to us how you’ve built this Oxi Day recognition into important annual events which showcase the glory and humanity of the Greeks…The world needs to be reminded of this, and your [Foundation] has informed so many whom had no idea of the enormous commitment of Greeks during WWII to the side of human dignity.”

–  Long-time senior Congressional staffer

  • “Thanks again for a wonderful time in DC at the Oxi Day events.  So inspirational and fun!”

– Former U.S. Ambassador

  • “Oxi Day!  Such an important and meaningful day.  Everyone should know about it.”

–  Senior officer at one of the top national Jewish organizations

  • “The dinner was first-class!”

–  One of the “Jewish lobby” founders

  • “Congratulations to you for putting together an incredible event.  I love the video!!”

–  Chief of Staff for U.S. Congressman

  • “Such an inspirational ceremony. Congratulations on its success and on the good work of the Foundation.”

–  Chairman of an international Evangelical Church Organization

  • Fabulous event.  First class, all the way…You did a great service to a group of fine Patriots.”

–  Friend of Greatest Generational Honoree

  • “It was so nice to be part of such a moving celebration of human spirit and strength.”

–  American artist


Community Leaders

  • “One of the most ambitious and finest events I have ever attended…the Bono video and the Hillary video were outstanding…You set a new gold standard

– Greek-American businesswoman

  • You hit a home run.

-Greek-American doctor

  • “The video was amazing…this takes it to the next level.”

–  President of one of the top Greek-American organizations

  •  “The Oxi Day video was AMAZING!”

–  Board Member of one of the top Greek-American organizations

  • “The video is brilliant! Wonderful job.”

– Greek-American businessman

  • “Great video.  I was really impressed with the professionalism and how the story was told. Bravo!”

–  Greek-American businessman

  • “You did a great job. The media materials were absolutely superb and first class!  Bravo!”

– Executive Director of one of the top national Greek-American Organizations

  • “Such a magnificent event.  I was so impressed with the quality of people you had…I now have a much more compassionate outlook for Greece and the Greek people.”

– Greek-American businesswoman

  • “It so important to remind people about the sufferings of the past – at a minimum it creates an appreciation of the present and of course respects and remembers those who suffered and sacrificed for the freedoms we all currently enjoy and sometimes take for granted.”

– Oxi Day Foundation Sponsor

  • “Many thanks for organizing a great event.  I felt so proud of our heritage…keep up the good work and I look forward to next year’s celebration.”

– Greek-American from New York

  • “I greatly enjoyed sharing the evening with the esteemed honorees and all who are learning the spirit of Oxi!  It has taken on a new meaning for me as an American of Greek decent, where before it was thought to be only for Greeks of Greece.”

–  Greek Orthodox priest

  • “Congratulations on the wonderful work that you are doing, not only with the glorious presentation, but by promoting so efficiently the causes of the OXI DAY”

– Greek Embassy official

  • “I am pleased that the memory of OXI Day and the Battle of Crete are in your organization’s capable and good hands. You are doing a great service in keeping alive the memory of Greek heroism and linking it to a universal set of values. Bravo se esas!

-Greek-American professor