Reactions to the Second Annual Washington Celebration


“I loved every minute of it and was honored to be there.” – Senior Obama Administration official


“It was a remarkable week….I commend your work to keep the “Oxi Day Flame” alive, honoring those that fight for human rights today.” – Assistant Secretary of Defense


“Thanks for doing this, and for doing it with such grace and generosity of spirit.” – One of America’s premier authorities on freedom and democracy around the world


“Really an honor to be there.  It was a great evening, with terrific honorees. I was delighted to be there, and to meet such an extraordinary figure.” – Managing Director of one of America’s top think tanks


“It was a great evening and a real honor to meet China’s most famous dissident.” – Obama/Biden National Finance Committee Member


“One of my favorite events of the year” – CNN Executive producer


“What an incredible event. Thank you so much for including us. Every time I think you can’t top yourselves, you do something even more amazing. Thank you so much for including us.” – Former US Ambassador to Greece


“A wonderful evening. It was very well done and inspirational.” – Former US Ambassador to Cyprus


“We heard it was a great event (as usual!)” – Former senior Administration official and his wife who attended last year, but couldn’t this year




“A lovely affair with wonderful honorees and a truly inspiring narrative throughout…I was also very moved and impressed with the morning event at the Sixth and I Street Synagogue” – Director at one of the top Jewish community organizations in the country


“An unforgettable evening…elegant, meaningful and all inclusive” – Publisher of one of the top Greek-American publications in the US


“I am honored and privileged to be a part of this event…I leave inspired, rejuvenated, and more appreciative of our Greek heritage and the courageous efforts of those whom we honor for embodying the spirit of Oxi Day.” – Oxi Day Foundation Sponsor


“Thank you for producing such a high quality, inspiring, succinct yet highly informational clip on one of the most important episodes of modern history.” – Producer of Greek TV show


“An excellent, needed and moving Oxi Day event. All the recipients, each on his/her own way and experiences, made significant points about freedom and democratic values and standing up against oppressors at the risk of life if necessary. Very moving! It was an honor for us to support the event and also meet a number of fine people.” – Oxi Day Foundation Sponsor